Lotos Supreme LTP5500DCNC

any one hookup this to arcdroid

yup. works great. Going on 2 years with it. I have some projects done with it on this website.

Do you have any obvservations or suggestions on getting it up and running correctly? I’m working on this setup directly and I’m having serious hit and miss cut issues that I think are me not knowing how to configure the cut settings.
Also, what have you done for consumables? They look like a fairly common one but I’ve been told quality of them matters and it’s damned hard to tell what is decent.


Hi. Only suggestions I have for you are:
Make sure that the plasma to ArcDroid connections are correct.
The cable to gun can be a little sensitive at times. So be mindful of any “drag” that is created. (This can contribute to bad cuts.)
The consumables are recommended to be bought directly from Lotos but I’ve found some decent compatible ones on Amazon.

I apologize for the response.

Mario @Mod.E.O’s Metalworx

Also always check your ground preferably to the piece not the table, and check your airflow I had problems with both, when I got them dialed in everything works great. It’s fun enjoy it I have a broken leg and been out all-day cutting parts.

I’m 85% confident the Lotos is faulty, the gauge on the front wouldn’t go over 35 (120V setting) regardless of what I did until I turned the power off. Then it read 55 for about 20 seconds. Also I got that yummy tingle off the air line connector of a bad ground somewhere in the unit. I contacted them and they agreed it’s a warranty problem, but my friend who bought it got it off some random Amazon reseller so it’s getting complicated there. I’m helping them work on replacing the unit right now. The fun part is Lotos don’t seem to directly sell to Canada that I can find so parts will be interesting down the road.

Send an email to Andrew he may know some sources for consumables.

Amazon has any thing you need in the form of accessories & consumables for the lotus. Ebay has some too. I bought a lotus first had to get a refund then went with the Primeweld 60 best decision i could have made so for works awesome.
Anthony aka Joatmon

That’s looking like what it will be here too. Lotos has no sales or support in Canada and I’m trying to get the Amazon seller to replace the unit but they’re pushing back because we spent time troubleshooting it. The plan is to look for something we can get parts and support in country for regardless of how this goes.

I am thinking PrimeWeld is located in Canada. And Doug there is awesome to work with.
Tell him Anthony from Ragsdale Creek sent you.
God bless and have a awesome week
Anthony in Alabama

PrimeWeld is based in the USA but their support is great. I repaired a Tig welder for someone here and they sent info and parts, no problem. I even know a guy who they sent 4 warranty replacement welders despite the issue being his AC 240 wiring in his shop. And I’ve had a Tig225X for many years with no issues at all.

They have distributors in Canada. I’d recommend Great Western Saw, good guys to deal with.