New user got some questions

New user got a couple of questions. First the usb drive says 32gb max what does that mean? How do I stop the cut in trace? My machine wil cut the pattern I made in trace and when it finishes it will stop for a second and then start cutting again. It done it today on a single straight line ? Thanks

Watch the YouTube video’s lessons 1 to 6 they will help the most then watch all the tips and tricks.

@Clintm pretty sure the instructions say less than 32gb USB stick…. Anyhow, gb is the memory size of the stick. 16gb works perfect. Pick up a two pack. Make sure to format FAT32 before using the memory stick. You will also want to get a 16gb micro SD card for firmware updates.
Not sure why you would be getting a repeat cutting of your Trace file.

ok I will have to go get more usb sticks I got bigger ones. Thanks

When you do your Trase are you on a open or closed loop, if I’m cutting straight lines on bed rails or spring steel I will close the lines so it cuts twice forward and backwards bed rails are so dang hard that a single pass might not cut-off or re-weld my gap closed.

will check . have been watching the videos again this morning and haven’t found anything yet. Thanks

Check your air pressure on mine if I get low it will stop, I changed out to new and a shorter hose with a separate water drip and air regulator and so far, I’ve been working well.