Tune settings off from actual measurements

I’m getting really good cutting results using just the user interface at this point. The problem is when in tune mode-cut z, I input .020”, but measure .060” while making a dry run. Also my pierce z is off-input .125” measured .187”. I did calibrate the probe offset and changed it from 1.5 to 1.6mm to get that correct. I know measured and results are what matters, I just don’t understand the discrepancy. Can anybody explain?
This is 1/4” A36. Pictures attached. I can’t get the inside holes as good as I want with the UI because of its limitations, but I feel pretty confident a post process will take care of that. I’m impressed at this point with just the stand alone capabilities! THC is also in the works, once the unlock code is sent.

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I don’t have an answer for your question, but I noticed those “bolt” pattern parts in your post. You mentioned that you were just using the interface….can those be drawn on the interface?? I should maybe update my firmware!

Seems like you have the wrong offset. The difference between 0.125 inch and .187 is 0.062 which equals 1.5748 mm. You’d have to add or subtract that (depending on how you’re thinking about it) to whatever the current offset is and fine tune from there. if you went from 1.5mm to 1.6 you only adjusted 0.004 inches approx. The cable system isn’t as exact as a screw system but it’s definitely within an acceptable tolerance.

Cut height is the more critical measure so I’d offset to that. At .04 inch difference that would be 1 mm too high at cut height. So subtract that from your current offset. If it’s 1.6mm currently, set it to 0.6mm and recheck.

Yes, you can do bolt circles on the UI with as many hole as you want. You can add shapes around and inside as well. The newest update has it.

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Okay, I’ll try that, but I got good enough repeatability with a 1/4” gauge block under the stylus once that change was made and don’t understand why that step was so important in the first place. I would think once that offset is made accurately that the torch height would follow, especially since it touches off each time before a cut. The cable is accurate enough for the z axis and also allows the torch to float in the event of a collision or tip-up, which I like.

I’m not sure either. I never did offset calculation with the stylus, only with the torch. I think it’s different with the torch because of the extra weight and pressure from the weight of the torch lead.
At the end of the day, whatever works, works.

I ended up setting the probe offset z axis in machine settings to match my tune setting cut z of .060”, since that is the most important. I also used the torch to measure this time instead of the probe. My pierce and clear z are still about .040” off (low). I just need to remember to adjust them accordingly and keep an eye on things in case something changes.
I then reran everything with the probe and the difference in all the new measurements was negligible…maybe .010 to .015”.
Has anyone else had this issue?

I have found using mm instead of inches is more accurate don’t know whybut works better for me .Just had to get used to the metric system you will be surprised as how quick you learn and get used to it .and really helps since everything nowdays is in metric. I had a bit of a head start though as right before i retired we switched to metruc on all out part orints and all out dies and fasrners. As i was a Tool and Die Maker well guess still am except don’t work on dies anymore garage machine shop is all now. Hope this helps.:slightly_smiling_face:

Designed in Canada, made overseas mm is just easier, just try to find metric tape measure in Kokomo Indiana

Come on down to Alabama we have metric tape mesures and pocket scales not REALLY ordered them off Amazon and EBAY … Never tried the offset in SAE. Always figure if it was designed and built in metric Countries better to figure your projects in metric and set machine up that way. Dont know if that makes a difference but it works for me.GOD BLESS WORK SAFE

Do you not have a Harbor Freight?

Ya I have two square’s from HF put the side by side and the numbers are off by a 1/4 inch but they where free lol

Yes some stuff there is junk. I have some good metric rulers from there but not pittsburg . I think they are cen-tec on something like that and they are ok

Hard tools are great, welders and winches are the best air tools are nothing to write home about, but they honor their warranty. Toolboxes are built like tanks, there prices are going up fast all-in all if you need something they have it and with their warranty its better than what if from the internet.

Thanks for high jacking my thread.

Sorry very un-called for. Your right back to your topic, in the long run mm is a lot easier for me I keep a conversion chart handy
For bolt sizes

Sorry for that i was using yahoo and forgot it was posting here. Sorry we got in your way to finding a answer Andrew explains how to set the off set on YouTube i had to do that due to slack in the Z cable mine was off about 3mm.