Pierce Time Delay Ignored?

Working the kinks out of a Fusion360 to ArcDroid workflow:

The G-code file for M444 contains the expected S and P values for cutter delays (I assume in seconds), but when uploaded to the ArcDroid and ran, there is no visible time delay for piercing, leaving an ugly worm trail. The pierce time shows up as expected in the tuning settings as well, but adjustment there seems to make no difference. The ArcDroid was just updated to the latest firmware and operating system.

Where else do we look, or what testing should we do to determine why the pierce time is ignored? Thanks!

what material and how thick?
what is your delay set at?

How did you pre set the delay time in Fusion?

3/4" steel
1.5 seconds (I’ve tried longer times with no visible difference in operation).

The Start Delay was set under the Post properties in the Post Processor dialog box. I’m using the Arcdroid-cutting post processor.

Gcode attached
Bucket Mount 23-12-12 Final.gcode (1.7 KB)

I just ran your program and had no problems adjusting the pierce delay and seeing a difference.

What machine are you running? My Hypertherm xp45 struggles to pierce 1/2" plate with a 1.5 second delay as this is maxing out the machine’s capability.
The holes in your program are large so you could just make the lead in distance way longer.

thanks for the tip on setting delay with fusion.

I just cut a 2" hole in 3/4" steel with my machine. I had a 3 second delay and a 1" lead in distance, The pierce did not seem to happen until the machine had travelled about 1/2" from the pierce point but once all the slag was removed it had pierced. do your results look like my pictures? (pictures are of the under side of the cut)

Hypertherm Powermax 85 Sync
Is it possible that the plasma cutter is smart enough to know when it is pierced? I need to run a few more tests, but I think it’s behaving differently between running the pen and actual cutting…

Looks like my units must have picked up millimeters instead of inches for the lead-in

I did confirm that when ArcDroid runs in “pen mode” to simulate a G-code run, it ignores the pierce delay, but when the plasma cutter is running, it respects the pierce delay.