PRC delay inconsistent start

Hi all, Running a Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 42 which I’ve had for a few year’s with my Arcdroid, and I’m having problems with the Prc delay. I have to set the delay to 2.75 sec for the initial cut, but the cuts after the arc can start immediately and the torch stays in place for 2 sec, or it may take 1 second to start. It seems very inconsistent in its starting? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


This Sounds a bit like trouble with your plasma cutter.
Often it can be an issue with the Air Solenoid inside the machine as it needs to cycle quickly off/on in order for the arc to restrike.

As a test crank the “off delay” way up until the air stops flowing before the next cut.
Does you strike/restrike become more predictable?

If so you may need to service/replace your air solenoid inside the plasma