Updates to Simple Trace (X2 Skew Correction)

Hey Guys!
Quick note to let you know we have an update to Simple Trace™ available on the website now (April 29)

Should have got this one out sooner but it’s been a busy month.
The main thing is a new X2 skew correction feature that an improve the stitching of your cuts.
Basically it corrects the rotation of the ArcDroid with respect to the X2 rails down to the the 100/th of a degree. This can help to improve the stitching so you get minimal offset at the join reducing or removing the little hiccup where the joined edge is.

Simply Push and Hold the X2 button

It will then guide you through a calibration procedure similar to the main one

It basically measures the X2 rail to straighten things out… even a 10/th of a degree makes a big difference
image image

Hope you guys find this useful! As always you should check back to our website often as we keep improving and updating things and I’m not always on top of announcing it!