New version of Simple Trace™ available

Hey Guys
Just a quick note to say there is a new version of Simple trace available from the Website.

No big feature additions this time around but a bunch of little optimizations and bugfixes. A lot of this is based on customer feedback so please keep up the comments and suggestions

More coming soon.


Changes in this release

		-Fix DXF arcs going in the wrong direction in some files
		-Make narrow shapes easier to select by touching
		-Fix small arcs breaking some shapes
		-Fix bugs with kerf breaking around some arcs
		-Fix rendering bugs with kerf arcs
		-Fix DXF polyline bulge elements not loading
		-Faster icon and font updates
		-Rendering optimizations
		-Fix terminal flooding with status messages
		-Fix grid settings not resetting correctly after update
		-Fix bolt pattern saving incorrectly in inch mode