The New X2 Large cut Indexing System

It occurs to me I forgot to announce this on the Forum.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “Are you gonna make a bigger one?” and the answer is … Sort of.

Introducing the ArcDroid™ X2 Large Cut Indexing System.
(preorder now for shipping beginning Nov 28th)

The X2 is an upgrade to any existing ArcDroid™ that adds almost another 600mm (23”) in the X direction to the overall cutting envelope without sacrificing the ease of use and portability that you’ve all come to know and love. Using a custom encoder and a set of slide rails the X2 allows you to stitch together cuts into one big cut easily. Simply slide to the left and cut the first half then slide to the right and cut the rest. The X2 system will do all the math for you!


@Andrew How does this work with Simple Trace? If I was using a 40” template to trace, what is the process to split it up?
How long to you anticipate the introductory price to remain in effect?
Thanks for all you do!!

Hey Bob.

Tracing works same as always. Once you Home the X2 you can slide back and forth tracing whatever you need within the expanded area as one file.

The Split doesn’t happen until you are ready to cut. Then you choose dividing line where you wanna separate it.

Price at least until the end of the year (maybe longer)



Hi Andrew,
How does this work for CAD drawn files that are up to the 1220mm width?
Is there an sheet am update or something to split the file?
Or does the split happen once you load the cut file to the arcdroid?
I love this idea and keen to order one, just would love to hear a bit more about how to use it


Yes the Split is done on the ArcDroid no need for SheetCAM of Fusion Updates.

Use is simple.
Press X2 button and slide to the left.
Load/Trace your oversize drawing and align it
Pres X2 again
Choose split point by moving/rotating a cursor
Start the first cut as normal.
When ready to make second cut push X2 again
Slide machine to the right and Run the second cut

That’s it!

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Does the file need to be loaded as a DXF or will this work with a G-code file?


Works with DXF, G-code and Simple trace


That sounds way too easy!
I’m in! Haha I’ll order one today!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just ordered the X2 system, any idea on the release date?

Starts shipping 11/28 I do believe.

@Jay @BobD

Good News! just received update that we have completed 50% of our production run and the X2 starts shipping On Friday the 24th!

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@Andrew Does this come fully assembled or does more than the brackets have to be attached? How does it interface with the Arcdroid?

Just got my X2 yesterday. Man, it’s a quality unit. I’ll hook it up today and let you know it works for me.



Yes its fully assembled except for the mounting brackets. It has a usb connection and a power wire.

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Videos of the X2 in action?