X2 Explainer video!

It’s finally here


@Andrew Nice to see in action! Can you index the Droid base less than full travel? The idea being some extra length but hitting max depth by eliminating the intersecting pie void? Is there a screen window showing the rail position of the base?

Yes you can move whatever increment you want and yes the screen will show your relative position as you slide


I’m sold! Just placed my order!

Thx Andrew for the tutorial…just got my Arcdroid and X2. Waiting for my table. One question Please…are the mounting brackets on the X2 adjustable from side to side as I’m hoping to mount it to my Eastwood Plasma cutter table directly to the legs on that table. Glenn

Yup fully adjustable…and actually optional.
You can bolt it directly down to a table also.
Comes with all the hardware you need

Fantastic…you’ve thought of everything. Can’t wait to set it up…still vacationing in Mexico but will be home Tuesday to start the new adventure. Here’s what I’m hoping to cut eventually. Here’s my confusion…I found this file on ETSY which I plan to purchase soon enough if it will work with my Arcdroid/X2. What I’ve gathered from your videos, this project is possible as the file has many downloadable file options…dxf, AI, svg, etc. for purchase from ETSY. Is my assumption correct that Ill be able to cut this shark from the ETSY file without much setup??? I was hoping to upload the ETSY file to a USB and cut out my shark…is it that simple or am I way off base?..as you can gather I;m a tech tard … that’s why I bought your product. Thank you sir, Glenn

@ggreen702 rest assured the X2 fits the Eastwood table great! One thing to consider is counter weighting the table so the ArcDroid is balanced and you don’t need to worry about your investment being accidentally bumped into and tipping over. Ohhhh, I cringe when I think of such a disaster. :frowning_face:

PS- The shark will look great once you get your ArcDroid setup in place. :+1:

This is very cool. Order placed.

If a guy was clever enough to split a design into two DXF files, make some index points on a 4x4 plate and on the DXF file with some careful layout, I can see how you could leverage this to cut out a first 48" wide pass in your workpiece, rotate your piece by 180 degrees, load a second file, align your index points between file/workpiece/arcdroid, and then make a second 48" wide to cut. If you cleverly used that extended reach, I bet you could cut a 48x48 piece.

Probably not what you want for your day to day workflow, but once in a while if you need a really large part, it might be a workaround rather than outsourcing a one off large cut.

Morning Bob, thank you so much for your response, the pics help a lot and answer many questions I had. I never thought of counterbalancing the Arcdroid but it certainly makes sense. My plans are also to add a removable water tray and wheels. I watched a video of a guy who converted a welding cart into a water table and liked that he mounted the interface on an arm that swivels and can be tucked away, thought it was a brilliant idea.
I’m still very confused on the interfacing with buying ready made files from ETSY and how compatible they are with the Arcdroid. I messaged Andrew but he hasn’t responded. Again, thx for your time and feedback Sir.
Here’s another file I want to purchase so I can make this for my parents…