Well 2x ordered

Today I bit the bullet and ordered the 2X .shop not heated so may be spring or one of those rare werm days before it gets hooked up. If it under 40° these old bone hurt and all the metal in this old man makes it 10 times worse. Should be some fun in the future.
God Bless
Anthony in Alabama…


I ordered my X2 on the 10th and it arrived on the 20th. Have only admired it at this point…… Gotta think things thru on altering my current setup to put it to use.

We setup our X2 this week and had a few problems all of which were caused by me but hopefully this will help you guys get up and running faster.

We mounted the X2 rails directly to the table and didn’t use the angle brackets for mounting to the side of the table. As a result the bottom of the arcdroid is about 1" above our cutting surface. make sure you do not mount the torch in the holder too low or it will hit the arcdroid base when homing.

We use a hypertherm mini machine torch with an overhead arm supporting the cable. We had to build a much bigger arm, make it swivel and leave lots of slack in the cable because we were getting false probes in random place where the overhead cable support was preventing the Z axis from dropping to the material.

Our X2 kept loosing its zero and it seems the problem was a giant magnet we had next to the X2. This isn’t fully confirmed but we have not had any problems since removing the magnet.

For your first few large pieces just start with a straight line and practice splitting and seeing how it cuts. we went straight for a 42" sign and wasted several pieces of material getting our setup correct.

Overall the X2 is proving to be an excellent addition to the arcdroid!

Thats me too BobD I am going to really mull over my setup before i start. And as usual the way i draw it up will then be changed several times.
God bless
Ya’ll work safe
Anthony in Alabama

I would say you are 100% right it was the maginet . I would think it uses some kind of magnet or magnetic strip to know location. Just MHO because I dont have one yet.
God bless
Work Safe
Anthony in Alabama

Congrats on your X2. I bought the Arcdroid and X2 on Black Friday. Just now mounted the X2 to a Eastwood plasma table. In the process I discovered that spacers need to be used in conjunction with the mounting brackets that comes with the X2 otherwise the X2 track may not allow the Arcdroid to slide smoothly. Another Arcdroid owner mentioned in a thread about being concerned with the Arcdroid over hanging the cutting surface which could create an unbalanced working surface. Whom ever mentioned that fact I’m grateful that you warned us about a potential Arcdroid accident with it hitting the floor. I am fixing that issue with heavy duty book shelve brackets bought from Amazon and will bolt them to the legs of my table to give it a wider & balanced stance…they should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait to make my first cuts with it.

Glenn in Corpus Christi

Thanks Glenn I will keep that in mind when assembling the X2. Thanks again for the info we all have to help each other.
God bless work safe
Anthony in Alabama

Glad to have helped. These mantle brackets came in and they will work perfectly. Also adding casters for mobility and height adjustment for my uneven shop floor.
I’m excited to make my first cuts but have lots of prep work before that’s possible. Air compressor needs to be delivered (60 gal), need to update Arcdroid firmware & simple trace for the X2 to function, need to run my air lines, need to finish my plasma table and getting my plasma cutter to talk with the Arcdroid and whatever else pops up along the way. Only then can I begin the learning curve for Arcdroid…I find the youtube videos very helpful and I couldn;t’t agree more about helping each other… I am a tech tard for sure and will have lots of questions. How long have you had your Arcdroid and what projects have you used it on?


I have had mine about 1.5 years made caster mounting plates,and a light bracket to match factroy one on left side of my mini excavator did not have one from factory on right side. And several bracket for the utility and equipment trailers… been sick a lot here lately 70 years old retired tool and die maker with no cnc experience. Plates in my back (broke car wreck) and to robotic knees. I just traced a ( holds a wood 2x4) bracket for the E track cargo tie down system. It will have to be bent then welded to work. We will see how much i still remember about fab work after all ny surgeries.
God bless work safely
Anthony in Alabama

So sorry to hear about your health issues…I’m 61 and doing great so far. My brackets to make the stance on my plasma table came in so I’ve been working on those all morning to get ready to mount them on the table before I unbox my Arcdroid. Really excited about beginning this journey. Like you, I do not have any CNC experience either. I’m hoping it’s not too much of a learning curve to the point of frustration. Ill send you a pic when my table is done and set up ready to cut…still waiting on my compressor to arrive. I bought a 60 gal Ingersol Rand and upon delivery it was damaged so I ordered a different 60 gal one that shall be here Jan 3.
Here’s one of the projects Id like to do once I’m up and running. I bought this file from ETSY in dxf and have uploaded the file to a usb drive. I hope my Arcdroid and the file play nice together. Take care of yourself and Happy New Year.

RaisedFlag (1).dxf (651 KB)

Well the 2X came in today was thinking it would be real heavy but not so much so i think when it warms up. I will be able to assemble it by myself. Now I have to figure out if I can run my Amp Mechanic voltage divider with the 2X hooked up. If any knows or know how to hook both up drop me an email.
Anthony in Alabama


No definitive answers yet…

Let us know if you’re brave enough to try it.
Good Luck :+1:

It should be fine. Hook the divider up as normal.

Thanks Bob & Jason it will be a while before i get mine hooked up my immune system is down and the cold hurts me so bad. I really should not say cold, anything around 40°. Can’t wait to try it out.

My best to you. Good Luck.