How do you wire the X2 to the Arcdroid?

I’M LOOKING FOR SOME ADVICE ON HOW TO WIRE THE X2 TO THE ARCDROID SO I HAVE THE X2 BUTTON ON MY UI. There are 2 wires hanging from the X2. I think one plugs into the Arcdroid but not positive about the other???


I thank you in advance.



You should have also received a green PCB with the other end of the connection for the power plug.
You’ll see refence to it in the instructions in the wiring section.

So check your packaging you may have misplaced it


Ah ha…that’s what that thing is…I have it. Going to install it right now Thank you Andrew.

Much appreciated,

That’s pretty slick Andrew.
I have a question on how to rotate a file that I want to be 46" wide x 23" height

I’m trying to make this fit in the X2 but I cant get it to rotate…Please help …its a gift for my parents for their 63rd Anniversary.

I appreciate you Andrew


I assume you are importing as a .dxf file?
One of the options on the import dialog is Angle…just change it to 90°

Your instructions are Epic…much appreciated…Yes Sir, I bought 3 dxf files from etsy. I’m figuring out stuff as I go and I am one tech challenged fella.
I took your sharpie idea you demonstrated on the X2 and played with another dxf I bought. Just want you to know Andrew you have put a big smile on my face with your creation. Absolutely Amazing…and this is just the beginning!!! Here’s what I came up with…it’s just a sharpie on cardboard but I am really impressed as this was my first attempt (first cut if you will) to see what the Arcdroid would do with the dxf files I bought. WOW…!!!

Still waiting for a few other pieces of my puzzle to be fully operational. Need to run lines from my compressor and get the torch figured out then I’m good to go for some sparks to fly.

One more question…I have the Arfony plasma cutter like Mike Festiva…I have reached out to him for advice on his Youtube channel for advice on how to wire the torch as the Arfony is a plug-n-play. I bought his exact same setup he’s got because of his video.
I’ve watched that video over and over but cannot seem to figure out exactly how to accomplish that torch to Arcdroid connection???
I believe you connect the plug-n-play into the slot on the back of the Arcfony, add wires to reach the back of the Arcdroid and connect those wires to where it says torch on the rear of the Arcdroid…??? Not sure which side gets black and which side gets red…or does it matter???

Thank you for your time Andrew and know I appreciate you.

Glenn Green/ Corpus Christi

Torch contacts are merely a switch. Doesn’t matter which of the two wires go where.

Thank you for your response Bob. There are 4 wires 2 red/2 black. Do both red wires go to one terminal and the other 2 black to the other terminal going to the Arcdroid?

Sorry for the stupid questions, electrical is an area I know enough about to be dangerous.

ggreen , ever figure out which wires go to the arc Droid torch trigger? how has the acrfony plasma been working ? thanks

Hi there, I haven’t made any cuts with it. It’s all brand new out of the box. It looks pretty simple but I do not want to hook it up wrong and fry anything. It is a plug-n-play and that’s why I bought it but again I’m not 100% on what wires go to the torch terminals on the back of the Arcdroid. I’m thinking 2 black to one terminal and 2 red to the other terminal. It’s a 5 pin plug in to the back of the Arcfony…???


Mine is coming friday the acrdroid and arcfony plasma . I would email arcfony if they are like other plasma cutters 2 are inputs and 2 are outputs . Get a wiring pinout diagram from acrfony .someone on amazon said the two red wires were the trigger wires for the torch on his . Did the arcfony come with a wiring diagram pinout in the instruction manual?

You only want to connect two wires for torch trigger. I don’t know if that would be the red pair or black pair. I’m a Hypertherm guy……

Genek, Congrats on your new toys.

I’m such a tard when it comes to this stuff…I’ve read the instructions that are in the Arcfony booklet for connecting the cnc. I’ve included a pic of them. I see there are 2 ports on the rear of the plasma cutter, 5 pin & 2 pin. There’s 2 plugins that were provided that match.

Here are pics of what I’m working with.

These will be the same for your set up. Any advice is appreciated.
This is the last piece of the puzzle for me and I’m ready to makes some sparks fly.

Thanks again,

Pin 2 and 3 of the 5 pin go to your torch terminals on the ArcDroid. There’s no polarity.

The 2 pin will only be used if you implement a voltage divider for the THC.

Hi there,
Big fan of your channel. Thanks for your reply. For clarification…what I’m understanding is to use the 5 pin plugin. Do not use either black wire… hook the 2 reds to the torch terminal on the Arcdroid…
Looking at the diagram I’m assuming pins 2 & 3 are the red wires and 4 & 5 are the black…? Just a guess.
If you have a moment could you call me please.
Glenn 702 239 1397

That’s correct. I’d use a multimeter to confirm the red wires as I had several emails about this cutter and I recall that being the case. But there were many other cutters in the mix, so it’s always possible I’ve got them mixed up. :grinning:

If you hear a loud explosion call the Fire Department and Paramedics…

Wish me luck.

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did you get your arc droid and plasma cutter working?

Finishing up running my air lines and making a down draft table.
The 2 red wires on the 5 pin go to the torch on the Arcdroid, did get some good advice from another owner regarding those 2 of 5 wires.
Should be cutting in the next 2 days.


have you played with the acrfony manually? there is a adjustment for pilot arc in seconds what is that for ? Gene