Feedback on my 1st x2 cut please

Decided to give my X2 a try today. I followed Andrews Youtube X2 cut video and thought I had it dialed in.
Made several dry runs that looked good to me, except I did not pay attention to the split as I didn’t think it was an issue.
However, when cutting I learned a lot…

  1. The metal overhanging my table was un-supported so it did not get cut completely through and it warped…I understand that and know how to correct that.
  2. The cuts that were made look great, little dross and nice edges.
    PSI: 60 AMPS: 45 FEED: 120/MIN

Here’s where I need some help please.
I’m puzzled as to why when I split my cut between the O & M why there is a big gap and did not stitch it together?
I made the split just like Andrew did in his demo video. I moved the Arcdroid left then right just like the UI instructions guided me.

Not sure what happened but it is a valuable lesson.

Thanks in advance.

what are the dimensions of the sign?
can you share the file please.

to me it looks like you moved the arc droid too far to the right for the second half and the arm couldn’t reach where it needed to get. I did have similar problems but they were related to the X2 getting lost.

Thank you for reaching out.
Sign was 44" X !7" (68.4 KB)

I made a smaller welcome sign that turned out perfectly but I didn’t use the X2 on that cut.

Right now Im setup to cut a dolphin that is 34" X 17…

Any feedback is fantastic as I’m not a fan of wasting material…lol

Would you set the dolphin up differently?
Can you walk me thru it please?

Thinking about you saying the arm couldn’t reach it … Hmmmm?
Makes sense now that I look at it? I guess to avoid it I shouldn’t move the Arcdroid all the way to the other end???

I appreciate your input.


I opened your file but it was only 12" across, It also has alot of extra points that are not needed.

Make sure you have the x2 slid all the way left before you hit the X2 button. Also practice using it with a simple file like a 1 x 36" oval before you got for a complicated piece to get used to splitting the cut.

good luck

Hi there, I discovered the issue with some help from the Master himself. It had nothing to do with the size, X or Y. It was a simple fix.
There’s a little square tab on the bottom of the plate the Arcdroid sits on to slide on the X2 track. In order for the X2 to work there’s a plastic piece that saddles the silver railing on the X2.
I did a test run on the same piece and everything aligns magically. Going to do a cut now.


I Love to learn new things. The challenge to me is like the Thrill of the Chase.
It’s taken several days of trial and error and expert advice from Andrew to feel more comfortable using the X2. Here’s my first cut …again valuable lessons learned.

34" X 17"

Very pleased with the 1st one

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