Not cutting straight when going parallel to the arcdroid

Im having an issue that I only noticed on the bigger pieces that I cut. It seems to only have the issue when it’s cutting parallel to the arcdroid, when it’s cutting away or towards it it’s perfectly straight. When it’s cutting a rectangle piece the middle area is offset a couple millimeters, just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I have calibrated it but it doesn’t seem to fix the issue

This is pretty common when cutting long cuts in thinner metal its actually the metal moving under heat distortion…especially cold rolled since it has a fair bit of stress in it. I’m guessing the lead in/out on that part was in the center of the slightly wobbly edge?

Try cutting a 12" long by 3/4 In wide strip while starting from the corner …you can actually watch the material bend away from the corner as it comes into the home stretch … pretty significantly!

I would recommend speeding up a bit. you want to move as fast as you can and still blow all the way through. this introduces the least amount of heat to the material.
Also try holing your material down with clamps or weights, that way it can’t move around (just the heat will push it about)

That being said looking at your calibration data you can definitely do a better job. The number of deletes and shifts in the first line say to me you didn’t have your triangle (or your Arcdroid) secured well. You should be able to get a calibration with 0 deletes/shifts and an error below 0.33 if you are careful and everything is tied down well.



Ok awesome thanks for the fast reply, I will speed up a bit and do a calibration

Try adding tabs in the design. Fusion 360 has a feature for tabs.

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I am having the same problem as well. Both in g code files coming out of Fusion360 and point to point “simple trace” straight lines. Problem is exaggerated when going across the front of the ardroid.
I believe there is more to this than metal moving around. I have done multiple calibrations with no errors or exceptions so in my case I’m confident that’s not the problem.
I Absolutely think this thing is so cool and use it for so much, I just wish this one issue could be rectified… O and updated algorithm for THC!


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I appear to have the same issue. Did you figure out a solution?

Are you using the straight line icon? If I use it and my steel is not square with the arcdroid it will go off my cut line.