Cut repeatability

Hey guys. I have had my arcdroid for about a year now. I really haven’t used it much. Dealing with fume mitigation and life always in the way. Any way I was cutting some parts out last night. I needed 4 of the exact same part. I was getting something that looked similar but way off when held up to each other. I was also getting holes that were no where near straight thru. I’m sure that will be in the machine settings that I really need to take time to get right. I’m perfectly ok with that. My biggest problem with it is that the holes were not in the same exact spot and the outer size was off from 1 to another. I played with cutting speeds to help mitigate dross during cutting the parts. I wouldnt think that dimensionally that would change the parts? I checked and the calibration was good so I honestly did not recalibrate when I started. Could I need to recalibrate before everytime using the machine? Any tips or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks

Start with a re calibration.
Make sure that the cable for the torch is not preventing the arm from moving freely
If you cut is very beveled on part of the hole your consumables are probably worn out
is your workpiece moving? I have placed material against a fence and cut very close to the edge, the small piece that I was cutting off pressed against the fence and caused the material to move.

what material and plasma cutter?
what settings are you cutting at?

Materail is 3/16" hot rolled
Hypertherm powermax 1000
roughly 45 amps 75 to 80psi
Right around 1mm cut height
1200mm speed this was the best I could find to reduce the dross/slag
The perimeter cut was really nice quality smooth finish just not the same part to part. The material was clamped down with the arcdroid itself so it could not move. Basically I had the arcdroid sitting on top of the material and clamped it directly to it and the flat surface it was sitting on. The consumables are not new but in really good shape. The next time I cut with it I will try a recalibration before I start. Was just really surprised how far off the perimeters were from each other. Again the holes beveling I’m sure I need to play with settings more and maybe I do need to jsut replace the consumables again. But that said the perimeter cut was a nice very close to 90 degree cut. Thanks for the advice Rcutting

good luck, I do need to recalibrate every 6 months or so.

Check to see if you have water in your hose if you are getting a lot of slag, it could be a result of moisture eating your consumables. After draining my tank, I use an air nozzle to blow out extra water from my air hose even a little moisture will cause issues with my hynade cut60dn. When in doubt check the consumables first.

I have a pretty good water seperator and a climate controled shop so i wouldn’t think that would be it but I will definitely look at that. Thanks

Something else I was thinking about did you say it set for a while between projects your belts may have gotten a little stiff and the more you used it, they loosened up. I’ve not had to re- calibrate ever since my first set up, and I’m on my third table upgrade you may have to adjust your set screws. There is a video on how to do it, good luck.

Came here to ask the same question.

Traced out a bracket and cut once. All was good. Reset my zero and cut a second piece. The piece is correct but the 3 holes are about an inch off.

Not sure what caused that. Should I reload the file each time I want to make a cut of the same piece?

So its been a while since I last used the arcdroid. I finally got time and another project that needed to be done. Again roughly the same material and settings. My small holes, its a 4 bolt flange I am making, look horrible. The larger center hole is of good quality cut. The perimeter cuts this time turned out great. The 4 bolt holes seem to line up to each other well, but, the center larger hole is way off. I am going to try adjusting the belts tonite to attempt to get a better repeatability of cut. Oh yeah forgot to mention I did do a new calibration before cutting this time also.