One of the most important things in my use of simple trace that's not there!

Want to see how many of you like me, would like to see this update for simple trace, we would use on 10% to 30% or more of our drawings. I am talking about a radius feature. I find my self needing it a lot and since i dont do cad. I have to draw it and it is not the prettiest. I bought the lazer thing it would do better and it did but still not smooth. I would really like to see it maybe Andrew can do that for us old folks that don’t do cad. Just want your opinion too.


I second (20 characters)

I understand it’s a complex thing to compute and the machine may, or may not have the computing juice to make it happen but, I too would love to see this as an option.


I wonder if there is any was to add any more ram with an exter box. I have heard Andrew say it was complex.or so.e way to hook up a lap top direct to arcdroid
I am not computer savy so I may be way off in left field. Just an ole retired Tool and Die Maker.
Anthony in Alabama