Plasma cutting tip

Hi all,
Just a quick question, what type of cutting tips do most of you use or prefer with the arcdroid cause I have 3 options standard tip gouging tip or contact cutting. just trying to get myself ready for when I finish my table have the top almost made out of stainless found these neat leg level inserts that pivot as well. Cheers Kevin.

Standard tips will serve you well. Contact tip is for drag cutting by hand… Can be used with the Droid but you really don’t want to drag it so cutting height might not be optimum.
Gouging tips are for gouging not cutting. Generally used at an angle to the work to remove welds.

Precisely, what quality of cut with current PT 80 or 100 type torch consumables in comparison to hypertherm type consumables? I have to buy a machine torch and a manual for my jasic81 and I have the choice between the two styles.

Cheers Bob, yes it has a standoff guide for using standard bits, but i guess i won’t be needing that!,lol so gouging tip same as using oxy / ace sweet.

Not sure Gean this is the first plasma cutter I have owned so am still learning as well some knowledgable soul will have the answer for you.

Heads up a good deal up front may have to pay a premium for consumables, I got hit on that I have to buy there brand can’t get after market about 45 dollars for ten of them. I went through them quick learning.

there are lots of choices on Aliexpress

Thanks I just looked there’s none for a hynade cut60dn if you find some let me know. I’m thinking about switching gun’s if hynade cut60dn don’t make them prioritize.

what type of torch comes with your cutter?

Torch IPT65 I think (20 characters)