Question on interaction between Fusion 360 and arcdriods setup settings and file execution

Greetings all,
been working on getting to know the Arcdroid and interfacing other 3D packages. I have gotten good results using the unit itself, importing DXF files from AutoCad with minimal cut corrections, but I am having some issues using Fusion 360 and importing a cut file to run properly with the Arcdroid.

I have followed the links here on setting up Fusion 360 here and elsewhere on YouTube for properly setting up cut files and exporting to Ardroid. I have noted that certain dimensions I am setting in Fusion 360 are not translating properly when I run the file. The issues seem to occur when i have the Z-height and retraction heights set up in Fusion 360. I played around with the settings on the panel and noticed it had an effect on the way the Arcdroid interpreted measurements.

My question is the following:
with using Fusion 360 and the setep of the tool paths, how does Arcdroid interpret the data against the setup dimensions on the arcdroid:
1) Fusion 360 files -to- Arcdroid = complete override of machines settings
2) Fusion 360 file -to- Arcdroid = partial override of the base machine settings but a mix of base and Fusion 360 settings being deployed
3) Fusion 360 file -to- Arcdroid = settings are combined and added together to form a new result.

I hope that makes sense. lol I am at the point were besides setting the kerf offset on the arc droid to [ 0 ] I might need to have the other settings zeroed out also to properly run a Fusion 360 file.

If it comes down to having a choice of Fusion 360 or Arcdroid deciding on Z-height and retraction dimensions which one would be better to default to?

A little long winded, thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. - I am Current on all updates and files on the Arcdroid and Fusion 360 and have the bridging software in Fusion 360 to interface with the Arcdroid also.

Thanks all…


@shadowrunner762 Fusion Settings override Arcdroid settings on import
Kerf is auto set to 0.0 (your kerf offset was already done in Fusion)

I suspect you’re struggling with pierce height modifier in the Fusion post settings.
This is added to your “top height” to create your pierce height and it turns out in latest version of Fusion it also gets added to Clearance Z as well (not sure why, might have to tweak the post to fix that)

So if you set your “Top height” to 2 mm with pierce height modifier as 1.25 your pierce will be 3.25mm

Your Clearance Z is your “retract Height” + your “clearance height” + the pierce height modifier
so in this case below 11.25mm





OK!!! makes so much more sense now lol. thanks for the clarification.
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Greetings Again,

I think I might if narrowed it down to the following:
It appears if I am understanding it correctly, even though i am importing a fusion360 gcode file, in the [ tune/cut settings screen ] of the arcdroid, I have to have the [ cut Z ] parameter other than [ 0 ] in order to get the cut height to retract to the proper cut distance from the work top.

I would of thought that Fusion 360 would of had built that parameter into the g-code coming into the arc droid, but it appears it doesn’t , or more likely i am missing a box somewhere in the tool setup or possibly in my profile setup … not sure…

i am able to get it to work by setting my [ cut Z ] to .100 currently to get the head to the required height to cut properly.

be safe

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Correct. I always have to set my cut height on the Droid when bringing a file from Fusion.

Every time I do, I think, “I should parse the settings in fusion and/or the post processor to see if there’s a setting to include it” but, I always forget. :laughing: It’s just part of my process now.

I didn’t do a detailed read of this thread, a bit of a TLDR so ignore if not applicable, but, you may also want to check in your fusion setup to make sure your reference is the top of your stock material and not the bottom or some offset reference(ie material added to the top of your stock). This would be part of the “setup”


I looked at my reference and it is correct fortunately at least.
makes sense now what your saying at least, I thought I was being a complete moron and missing something simple…

Appreciate the assistance as always,

Be safe,

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Did anyone figure out how to set the “Cut Z” height in Fusion and have it show up on the Arc Droid?


Simply set you “top height” for your first cut

Unless you are running on a very old version of Simple Trace it will import all this into the ArcDroid every time you load a file.

To get Pierce Height you need to put that in the Post processor section NOTE: this is added to Cut Z

Clear Z Height is Retract Height and clearance height added together