Random Circles

On occasion the Arc Droid will randomly go off and cut about a 1 inch circle, as seen in the pictures. I saw in another post that this was a software issue with the kerf being set at 0.000 and that It was going to fixed in the next software update. I always set my kerf to 0.08, but it still does this. I just updated to the latest software and have not tried it yet. Just wanted to verify that this was taken care of. Thanks
random circles


Yes the random circles thing should be sorted with the latest versions of the Software
It has a lot to do with the way the DXF files are created (DXF is a 45 year old format with a zillion different versions) . We’ve made a whole bunch of updates as we go a long to try and catch all of these errors but there still may be some edge cases out there that need solving. If you still have trouble shoot us an email and include the file that’s an issue, we’ll have a look