Unit cutting random circles and symbols

Good Morning,
Yesterday i was cutting dialing in my new plasma cutter went from a Hyperthem 30xp to a Everlast 62i , i did a calibration a week ago and did not do any cutting since, i found a file that cuts 3 small circles and the word TEST in a small plate . The Arcdroid cuts the 3 small circles fine then randomly goes of to cut 3 large offset circles . tried a different file same thing started cutting weird stuff on its own. I did do the latest firmware when it was released. heres the cut video …(https://www.dropbox.com/s/ly5p49sdxuw4b1e/randomcuts.MOV?dl=0)

This was an issue with firmware in the past. Make sure you’re up to date and/or reload your current version and see if that works.

TY i emailed in for support and Andrew found my issue and set me straight Ty .

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As for what his issues was… had the kerf setting set WAY too low… 0.002" or something like that
Turns out that tiny but non zero Kerf values can break the Kerf Algorithm

We’ll be making a change in the next update to eliminate the issue


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