Did updates now have issues

Hello I did the updates and now the it shut down and deleted the trace I made mid cut. I retraced it and cut it fine ??
Zero doesn’t get close to where I set !! I end up moving the droid to do the next cut… I have owned this unit for a year and never had these kind of issues. What have I done wrong please

I’ve been having exactly the same issues ,file disappears after every cut and if I have to stop Midway through a cut file it disappears and goes way off 0. Into No Man’s Land.

Do you both have X2s?

Yes I have the times 2 and still actually haven’t been able to do a cut with both sides as it keeps disappearing when I go to do the second half I have had the machine for quite a few months now and done hundreds of cuts no problems only since I got the x2 have i started to have problems .I checked and it seems to have good Earth along the rail and the notch in the middle of the plate is in the right position underneath but when I do a cut using the x2 I go to do the second half of the cut and it just disappears out of frame ,also when I’m just cutting a single item if I stop for some reason the cut disappears and when I finish the job the cut also goes out of frame. Not sure if it’s something with the software update or something with the x2 but any help would be appreciated. Thanks regards Paul .

Does the problem go away if you unplug the X2 from the USB port on the machine?
What brand and model of plasma cutter are you using?

It’s not a x2 unit. It’s not the plasma as I have been using it for a year issue free.

Eastwood Versacut 60 is a high-frequency start machine and is not supported for use with the ArcDroid. The Eastwood site also mentions the high-frequency start feature and that machine is not recommended for use with a CNC: https://www.eastwood.com/versa-cut-60-plasma-cutter.html

The use of the machine may have damaged the ArcDroid over time.

Mine is the older model. Not high frequency start. Others have commented on having my issue but no one has posted a sor.

I’m not sure if it’s possible but, I would try to load an older firmware version. I know doing this was blocked but maybe it’s possible now. Go back a version or two.

Maybe you’ve already done this but, send an email to ArcDroid/Andrew. There seems to be a lot of issues popping up here and on the FB page and neither seem to be closely monitored by the company at this point. Report all your problems to the company via email or phone.

I can very much appreciate people wanting to find a solution to their problems, especially when it’s easy to miss something. And I’m glad people are sharing their issues so we have some record. But there seems to be a trend where people want answers to either hardware or software issues that the company should be dealing with. I get the frustration and inconvenience, I’ve had several firmware updates that froze my machine up for weeks.

The advice I, and several others, have given to many people at this point, once you get to a version of firmware where the features you use most are working, don’t update anymore. There’s too many bugs in these firmware releases depending on where you landed in the machine lottery. Best to wait a bit and see what the reported issues are then grab a re-release once the problems are sorted.

Not sure how much help any of that is but, I hope you can get your issue sorted.


Thank you for jumping in Amp Mechanic and everyone else that has been trying to help. I did finally call in today. I will try going back in the mean time. Cheers


The Updates are almost certainly coincidental. (people ALWAYS blame the update and its almost never the cause)

If the machine suddenly shuts off during trace and resets I suspect you may have damaged your Stylus plug (or socket) and it’s shorting out and causing the machine to reset.

Try wiggling it about and se if it gores black on you. Inspect the Plug carefully for damage and perhaps clean out the socket with a little air. if You have damaged either send us an email and we can get you set up with replacements

@Gqhoon Sounds like you have ground noise issues on your X2. makes sure your table is Earthed properly to your shop ground to reduce noise from your plasma . Also make sure the top surface of the silver encoder rail on the back of the X2 is clean and maybe even a little scuff with a scotch brite. if the encoder box is not getting good contact with this rail it will cause the Zero position to jump around and perhaps run off into the weeds


Hello. To be clear. This is not a x2 setup
I did via email share the codes coming up after I zero it.

I was responding to your trouble with the shut down mid trace.
I was Unaware you emailed with other troubles.
I’ve got you r number I’ll give you a call

Thanks for the reply ,iv been in contact with Ken and passed on some more information ,videos and pictures. Regards Paul .