Circles and radius coming out like stop sign

Hey everyone, been gone for awhile old laptop was not enough to power fusion 360, got a new one now and trying to get back at it, i created a design on inkscape and transferred to fusion 360, scaled and created cut path and converted to g code, plugged it into arcdroid , everything cut just fine with the exception of the radiuses in the design, all the radiuses and circles were cut with straight lines like a stop sign, what might i have done wrong

Also the cutting arm on the droid starts to vibrate while making cut paths so it looks like a bunch of squiggles within the cut, i asked about this before and was told to look into the amperage settings and cut speed settings, everything is fine there, but you can physically see the droid arm vibrating

@Joelsams , I kinda like the rustic look, but I would check the tolerance setting, the Kerf , and the smoothing in F360… a place to start anyway

Nice work however !


Well of course it would be that simple, i guess i overlooked the tolerance and smoothing, was auto set to .1 and i changed it to .001 on the tolerance, thanks for the tip, everything ran smooth no choppy curves. Here is the new cutout. At first it may look the same but if really look you can see how smooth it came out compared to the first one