Info on what I’m doing wrong

I make a design in fusion. Sometimes it works fine. The next time it will stop cutting half way through design. What am I doing wrong Red line shows up n stops cutting

Maybe because you are getting outside the working zone? Maybe re-zero to centralize the project better.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say when you draw you have to stay within the lines and it applies to your drawing here. You need to get your trace moved into the cutting zone on your screen and then rehome to your metal and it should proceed fine.

I am having the same issue. I think it is something to do with the dxf file conversion to gcode or the lines might be to small to register.

Hey there

Are you importing G-code from Fusion or .DXF file?

Also What version of Simple Trace are you on? The latest version handles import much better.
You can D/L it from our web site and update.

Quick How to video here Updating your ArcDroid software. - YouTube

I’m trying to import g code from fusion. Not using dxf or simple trace

Hey Dustin

Can you send us the file so we can have a look?

Seems like trouble with Kerf Offset. You should always have Kerf set to 0.0 when bringing in fusion Files to avoid offset problems.

And you should update to the latest version of simple trace from our website. It includes a few tweaks to optimize memory and reduce trouble with importing complicated shapes

info on how to here Updating your ArcDroid software. - YouTube

I was doing just dxf.files and it was hit or miss. Some would do the line thing and some would be just fine and cut just like normal.

Thank you all for the help. Downloaded the update and everything has been working good
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