Red support arm stripped out straight out of box

Stripped out support arm finally went to set up my machine after sitting by my pool table for months and damn red support arm is stripped out why it fell loose in first place I sure do hope they actually take care of this since unit is pretty much brand new never one cut has been done went to play with trace feature and notice arm would kind go out of whack when I noticed that support arm was loose gonna be real mad if they don’t take care of this two thousand dollar paper weight now

So I am impatient so I just got a longer screw for that part then added a steel nut with little blue loctight should do the job easy fix sure that’s there fix for it too lol

Must of been why you got such a discounted price…… Shoulder bolts are standardized. Where did you find one with longer threads?? A normal bolt certainly won’t work as the diameter is smaller than the bearing ID. Can’t imagine buying a Droid and letting it sit unused for months….

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@Tsteele is actually referring to the pinch bolt at the back of the anodized arm
We responded right away and offered to help fix him up but he’s already landed on a fix we have implemented in production by now anyhow.

Good to know people are engineering the same solutions