Something that been bothering me

I’ve been noticing for awhile now that the community has not been giving credit when it’s do. Lets say someone figured out something new and posted it, 500 people reads it and uses the information we as a community needs to start thinking that person for there hard work. Let that person know there appreciate because after a while why post anything new if you believe no one cares about your hard work.


I concur, new to the world of CNC and the ArcDroid. I’ve had several questions for the ArcDroid group that have been answered and received phone calls assisting me, so great!
It seems that some users expect too much from the Droid and get disappointed??
Take care and happy cutting!


Nice work I’ve not used a sharpie yet, I don’t use simple trace as much as I should normally ill just trace using the torch as my center point. My plasma doesn’t give me fine enough lines to do the fancy stuff they only offer one size consumables, but for what I use (brackets) I can make due.

Woody I love the setup! Nice work on the projects. Lookin good!