Settings for Unimig Cut 45

Has anyone created a basic setting guide for use with the Unimig Cut 45 Plasma Cutter sold in Australia?

Not really sure what your plasma cutter is……. But, your users manual should have charts that will be good guidance.

Good morning BobD, Thanks for your reply. I have had a look at the user manual. The manufacturer advises that cutting speed and amps are critical to achieving good cut quality and advises of some visual queues but provides no data on the exact speed of travel for any particular material type or thickness and the same goes for amps. It appears that at the time of writing the author is focussing on customers using the machine free hand and not with CNC despite there being a dedicated CNC control port on the machine. I will email the manufacturer and see how I go.

It is the Jassic Razorcut 45.
I think a few things changed… has CNC connection and different torch

Check out this topic on another forum.

Hypertherm have some really good reference material. I usually use their guide and make it slightly slower for the unimig.
Have had some really nice cuts.
What thickness material are you cutting?

The machine in the picture is my machine. Good work Chris and Bob.