Shooting Club Request - Have a blast! Hahaha - pun intended

At the request of @Jdd here’s the g-code for the “Shooting Club” sign. It’s nothing more than text and wingdings converted to curves, saved as a dxf, and then converted to g-code in Fusion 360. (the dxf was too large to be fully loaded in ArcDroid) I’m one of the many folks out there that started off knowing nothing of Fusion, but thru persistence, practice, and dedicated drive, was able to figure it out. Hope you enjoy and good luck! :+1:

Youtube links:

Shootng Club 2.gcode (42.8 KB)


Just a heads up go to a big box store and grab a shower pan quick and easy water table

Thanks, but chose not to mess with water. I move the table around for almost every project and then store it. The steel tray you see in the video catches the majority of sparks/cuttings. I have it set further away than a typical water pan to avoid the waste deflecting out of the pan. When the time comes to empty it = no spilled water. :+1:

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You need a big fan to blow that stuff out ? Looks great.

Thanks! I do have an 18" shutter fan that helps clear out the barn from any smoke/fumes when I cut/weld.

File works great, Thank You! From a new user! I wish more would share some files on here. I will be sharing files once i’m seasoned.

Glad to hear it. Enjoy your great machine! :+1: