Squiggle after turning corners?

Howdy all, new arcdroid owner here and as I am dialing in the cut settings I am noticing a definite squiggle after turning corners, and it appears to be from some play in the torch slides. I can definitely see the torch wiggle/vibrate after turning corners and I can feel the slop. The cams are as tight as I can get them, and it looks like the slop is coming from the left bearing slide. When I wiggle the handle of the torch I can see very slight movement in that bearing.

I have read through the forums and played with cut speeds which did help improve the cut, but didn’t get rid of the wiggle. Has anyone else seen this?

I just updated to the new firmware and simpletrace, and even when I watch it run the cut without the plasma on, you can see the tip vibrate when it makes that sharp right turn.

I hope that I am wrong about the bearing slide, and open to trying further things to adjust.

yours, Tony

The only thing i can think of is make sure you have plenty of slack for the torch and make sure the torch is seated down in the holder and good and tight act as if the torch might be moving with drastic change in direction.


Turn down the “jerk” setting and/or decrease the acceleration.
I have a video on my Amp Mechanic youtube channel with the settings I’ve used to minimize or eliminate the wobbles.

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Thank you Jason -

I found your video and will play with those settings next and report back! Glad there is some adjustments I can make.

Is there any documentation on these more detailed machine settings?

Yours, Tony

Check you belt tensions also. What feed rates are you using?

Howdy all -

I adjusted the jerk setting down to 1 for X and Y this afternoon and it seemed to eliminate almost all of the squiggles that I was seeing! I was cutting steel today vs alum, but this was even thinner at 16ga and I was pushing it faster than the alum with no squiggles!

Thanks again for the help and I am sure I will be asking more as I get more comfortable with the system.

Yours, Tony