Stainless steel

Hello All,
Just cut first prototype of car wash coin box door. I cut it out of hot roll steel.
About to start experimenting with speed, cut height, pierce height,etc. on stainless steel.
Material is 10 ga. 316
Anyone have any suggestions of settings to start with.
My cutter is a IYeah Cut80CNC.
It has performed very well on everything from 16 ga. to 1" HRS.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

This is what I would try for initial settings.
45A, .06” cut ht, .15” initial pierce ht, .4 sec pierce delay, 100 ipm cut speed.
You might go as fast as 150 ipm cut speed. Need to try a few test cuts to dial in the best speed.
Looks like you got good results on mild steel.

I am going to make some test cuts today on the SS.
I’ll give your numbers a try on the first cut.
I’ll let you know how it works out.
Thanks for the information.

Results after 11 trial cuts.
The .018 is actually .060
You were in the ball park BobD!
Check out the pictures for all the settings.
One picture is before cleanup with the end of a Phillips screwdriver and the other is after.
I don’t think the bottom of the cut will need anything cleaned other than the pierce.

Thanks for the information.

Réalisation superbe ! Je me renseigne sur le type de matériel pour faire ce genre de pièce unitaire, pourriez vous m’aider ? Par avance Merci .Amicalement Camille.

Sorry, but I am not smart enough to be able to read your language.
Thanks for the comment, I guess!

Finally got your message translated.

“Superb achievement! I am wondering about the type of material to make this type of unitary piece, could you help me? In advance Thank you. Kind regards Camille”

What is the part that you are trying to build and what is it used for?
Thanks for your comments.