Stencilfy - a free Node.js app for converting pert near any font text you choose to a Plasma friendly SVG

I wanted share a program with you’all called Stencilfy. This is a web based app that can take about any font you have on your PC and make a text field input convert to a Plasma Friendly SVG output.

What makes this free program even more Amazing is that you can run it directly off your PC. I have noticed the website this Node.JS based app is running on is sometime unavailable. Well, no problem. If it is down and you have some IT-FU you can run it locally on your pc by following the github instructions found here: GitHub - ttseng/Stencilfy: Node application for creating stencil version of text for laser cutting

I hope you’all find it as useful as I have.


how do you download it to a dxf file I couldn’t get it to work

It only outputs SVG. You can use other online tools like SVG to DXF | CloudConvert to convert to DXF.

Very cool tool! Thanks

figured it out getting old su##s everything takes longer to figure out.

Thanks! It even plays well with Fusion 360. For some reason I’ve had trouble importing most of the stencil fonts in Inkscape to F360. (any tips on this issue would be welcome…).