Fusion Text Cut Path

Hi, I am only new so please forgive my ignorance. This is primarily a problem with fusion 360 but I thought someone may have experienced the same issue. I cant seem to get the cut path to work correctly. In fusion 360 the stencil text extrudes however when I go to the cut path simulation it misses sections particularly smaller enclosed sections. I’m using the standard stencil font.
Any suggestions for a fix.

I’m self taught so I’m still learning too. That said, try setting your run in distance shorter, and also choose the cuts in the order you want them cut, then select the preserve order box

These help me in similar situations

Happy Cutting !

After I manually add tabs to keep the middle of letter like an O I right click on my text and select “exploit Text” This is what a how to video showed me to do. There is a limit on how small fusion will let you make text for plasma as it thinks there isn’t enough space for the cut