Cut file help and torch stutters when lowering lately

Good Morning ,
Im looking for a little help with a cut file that is giving me some grief for a few weeks . When i look at this file in Inkscape, Sheetcam , E machine i do not see the first issue . My laptop does not allow me to run Fusion currently , That being it makes 4 random pierces above my file , second is the machine pierces, cuts stops lifts plunges re-pierces and begins cutting on certain letters its cutting out when it could be in the original path of cut. I need to make 2 of these one at the largest i can within the reach of the Arcdroid second will eventually be 18" high 68" wide once i figure this out.

getting Loosefinal.dxf (26.9 KB)

I had a quick look at your file in CorelDraw, I can see 3 nodes above your image.
That is causing your random pierces.

Thank you how can i remove them if i don’t see them to edit them?

I’ve never used Inkscape, so exact instructions wouldn’t be possible from me. Once I ungrouped the image they were visible for me in CorelDraw. I have attached your dxf with those nodes removed and no other changes.

getting Loosefinalnodesremoved.dxf (354.1 KB)

i GREATLY appreciate your help! Thank You

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