G-code with Fusion 360 on small parts


Just new and happy with my Arcdroid. But I encounter problems when I wnat to design toolpaths in fusion 360 for small parts.
I’m desingning name tags, but the toolpath for the lettering stays empty.

Anybody tips?


That’s a quirk of Fusion it’s keep the text as FONT data rather than lines until you so something with it. Its why the test shows as a fuzzy blue area
So you can either Extrude the text into a solid that Fusion now recognizes as line geometry or Right click on the text and choose “Break Apart”

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it comming weekend.
Could this also be a solution when parts of a .svg aren’t recognized? Or should I try an other format for shapes, like a dxf-file?

I have tried extrude and emboss, but only some letters get recognized.
If I right click I don’t have a command break apart.
Anything else I can try?


Please bear in mind I’m not the support line for Fusion 360
But if you right click on the text while in a sketch you get the “explode Text” option
This will break the font into line segments you can use when creating a toolpath


Got it. Thanks.:+1:
I’m going to browse YouTube for some Fusion tutorials :wink: