Torch and Stylus does not fully lock

I am one of the original backers, number 25 I believe. I finally was able to unbox the ArcDroid I receive last February, the electrical in my garage needed to be upgraded (long story). Anyways, I noticed that the torch nor the stylus do not fully lock down. I do not want to break anything, but even with mild force, the side locks only go halfway. With little movement, the holder shortly loosens. Any assistance would be appreciated!

For the CAM locks, I think you just need to be a bit more forceful with those. They are new and work via brute force. Maybe add a drop of light oil to the bolt head?


The cam locks aren’t meant to fully engage to the bottom of the slot. Make sure the holder is fully against the head plate. Engage the locks a bit alternating between the two until tight. Never had a problem with them loosening up or disengaging myself. Make sure the torch cable is supported.
Maybe take up a bit on the lock nuts of the cam pivots to make them stiffer.

The stylus was an issue I had as an early backer myself. I simply placed wrap of packing tape around it and neatly cut the ends to meet but not overlap. I have not had an issue with it since. In fact I forgot that I did it until this question came up in my feed. Both of the comments with regard to the torch cams are good.

Yea, they aren’t made to go all the way, its a taper, so tighten as needed by hand.
The retaining pivot bolts were quite loose on mine, i snugged them up slightly just so they had a bit of drag.

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