Hello from Ohio

Lurking to learn what I can befor deciding to purchase.


Amp Mechanic

Amp Mechanic - YouTube


Thanks for the mention.

Only thing I would add is, those videos cover my ArcDroid from the first batch produced so some of the issues are not issues anymore. Several things are much improved.

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Welcome im also from ohio an recently got one they are great little machines


Hey amp mechanic I’ve been watching your videos and I’m having trouble with initial calibration code keeps coming up for touch off encoder access x error 1. And we downloaded all recent updates this is fresh out of the box yesterday thanks Bill

Not sure if I ever had that issue. Is it during the z axis probe? If so, be sure the z axis carriage is within it’s free range of travel. Otherwise you may need to adjust the whole z axis block on the end of the arm down. There’s two cap screws that go into the wedge on the end of the arm.

During the initial homeing process when you start calibration

Hi Nick:
Bought mine nearly 2 years ago, I would buy the Arcdroid again. It is the one tool i wish i had 20 years ago. Easy for us folks that are not CAD savy. I love my ArcDroid the best tool for the shop i ever bought. Oh and my X2 should be in any day… And this group is awesome helping out with problems and Andrew the CEO is a hand on and awesome guy that jumps in and solves problems quick, no mater if it is a simple fix or takes a software tweak. Just MHO.
ANTHONY in Alabama

Hey Anthony, thank you for the feedback. I’m fairly certain I will be making the purchase soon. I wanted to include the laser stylus with my order however it’s out of stock. I figured I would wait a week or so to get everything at once. Been watching plenty of YouTube videos, getting some ideas for a plasma table.