Tracing jerky ? Help

When trying to trace a drawing I cannot get the stylus to keep a straight line it seems to follow the internal belts ? And my cuts show every little deviation. Anyone have a suggestion? Is there a smoothing feature I have not figured out yet . Thanks

Welcome to the forum. There is no magic button to smooth out the results of a trace. You need to work on how you go about it. For straight lines there is no need to “follow” the line of your drawing. Click the stylus (or push the control box button) at the start and end points and the straight line is made for you. For arcs, break it down into short segments. I find making a physical template to trace gives the better result over trying to follow a pencil line. I find the tools used for drafting handy. Triangles, French curves, straight edges and such make good tracing guides. You can use these in conjunction with your drawing as they are clear and easy to overlay and physically guide the stylus.
There are many handy functions that help develop a Trace routine without physically tracing around anything.