Tracing with X2

hey all,
I’m trying to trace a part that is 40" long. I trace the first half of it with the droid slid all the way to the left, then slide it all the way to the right to trace the right half, but there is like a 2-3" deviation from the point I left off. I recalibrated the machine and still have the issue. It is not properly recognizing the slide distance of the machine on its track or something. So the screen shows the stylus above a point that it isn’t actually over.

Ok, before posting that, I tried to do just 1/2 at a time (no machined sliding), and am finding that when I trace a line, then move the arm back to a point on the line I traced, the screen shows the stylus is not above the line (which in reality it is).

what is going on here?

Hey all, just an update:
Andrew reached out to me, and it turns out the Encoder Box/ (slider) on the X2 track was not correctly sitting in the slot on the bottom of the machine.

If you’re having the issue I was, make sure the machine is properly on top of the Encoder Box

Thanks Andrew!