What about a Tubing Notcher?

Has our beloved creator (of the ArcDroid, I mean) given consideration to a tubing notcher add-on option for the ArcDroid? 'cause, I would buy one.


I totally Agree. Ive been resisting to open up my Arcdroid to see if the Marlin board has a 4th axis step driver slot or does the inner mechanism of the arcdroid some how use 4 steppers motors to function. It seems like only 3. Also something along the lines of the DIY plasma tuber notcher would be ideal!
(1) Budget DIY CNC Plasma Cutter || Adding a Rotary Axis - YouTube

That tubing notcher is pretty slick.
Droid is three axis. Need two servos going to make a straight line…… so can’t quite do what the video is doing.
Sure would be a neat piece of kit for the Droid. Sign me up!

I can neither confirm nor deny that this may or may not be in development :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


ohhhh love it. . . or a rotary head / chuck bit of kit- 1000 times more so if sq tube capable and self centering. i would have near endless uses for it.

Heck even a totally new product- since an “affordable” hobbyist/very small shop solution seems to be unavailable. LDR motion systems i think sold their company but i had been following there full-scale self-centering tubing notcher as kind of a lotto win type of dream. drool.