Is there goin to be an Arcdroid Pro?

Just about to pull the trigger on the Arcdroid, I just don’t want to purchase this and find out that a bigger better machine will be released soon after.

Also does anyone have a timeline for the the delivery time to western Canada!?

I Currently have a Hypertherm xp 45 that I plan to use with. Does anyone have experience connecting the arcdroid to this machine?

Thanks and excited to get into this, appreciate any feedback in advance.

It took about 2 weeks for my machine to get to Vancouver.

I also have an XP 45, I have the mini machine torch and hypertherm’s Machine Interface Cable,
it would be possible to just make a cable with 2 pins and put them into that port on the back of the machine. These parts took almost a month to get but might be faster now. running a second torch makes switching over to hand cuts more convenient. I tried using a drag tip with the arc droid but it resulted in rough cuts because the cut height had to be too high.

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“Arcdroid Pro” is at least a year off (and a lot of lost sleep)

We do However have an accessory coming soon Called the ArcDroid X2 indexing system that will allow for bigger cuts and patterns to be loaded and stitched together automatically.
This will be an upgrade available for all Arcdroids past present and future.


PS our go to machine in the shop is an XP45 with the Sync Cartridge upgrade


Thanks for all the info!
The ArcDroid x2 sounds like something that would be very useful to me and a huge selling feature.
I’ve been looking into the “Sync Cartridge upgrade” but can’t seem to find anything locally. Do you know if I have to buy a whole new torch handle or will the SYNC nozzle screw on to existing? And once upgraded do you just use the mechanized cartridge?
Thanks again.


So I’ve ordered an Arcdroid, currently have a Hypertherm 45 XP and I just ordered the CPC port upgrade, the SYNC cartridge adapter for my handheld and a smartsync 45a mechanized nozzle. Does that sound like all I need to get started and be able to use THC effectively? Thanks for any advice, looking forward to receiving it and getting started.

Lastly is there a library of files somewhere online to get started and what is the most affordable program to use? I went on the Fusion 360 website and it looks VERY expensive for a hobbyest after the first 30 days.
Thanks again!

Just start making cut files in Simple Trace on the machine rather then using preset shapes. Once you find that you need more then Simple Trace can do then get Fusion 360 for personal use from the USA website. The only limit is you can only have 10 files available for edit at one time but once the file is made you don’t need to keep it in fusion.

Don’t worry about the THC, I thought I would want it but that hasn’t been the reason for rough cuts. Usually I forget to adjust the speed for the material thickness.

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