Would like to take the display home from work and create parts. Is this possible?

So I talked work into getting an Arcdroid. I was wondering if there is a way to use the interface and design parts while not hooked up to the droid.? ie bring it home hook into a phone charger or something like that and design a part that I will need the next day while sipping suds in my chair.

This has been asked before but alas currently not possible. Next best solution is use a simple 2D CAD program to design the part then save it to a usb drive as dxf format.

Check out https://librecad.org/ for a free 2D CAD program if you like that - upgrade to QCAD which has more features and has a free version too

Inkscape is another free popular choice but more art work orientated than CAD design but for simple parts would work fine too.