X2 large cut indexing system

how long is rail on X2 LARGE CUT INDEXING SYSTEM

I would like to know also I figure I should be able to build one for under $80 using conduit struts. Will it still work if I make it smaller?

The X2 is 39" x 10"was just told by email!


My table is not that big but I think I can make it work with what I have or will have, I’m still waiting for parts.

Good Luck! Good Luck!

Thought I would add my 2 cents here as well.
You can find the base plate dimensions for just the ArcDroid here : Base plate dimensions

For the X2 it is 39 4/16" (length) by 10" (width) by 12.5"(as measured from top of rail to the bottom of the brackets) but the brackets are adjustable only to 38.5 each side roughly as they are not mirror images but the same bracket with the same bend on the same side.

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