Z axis traveling to max depth in calibration

New customer here, I have done the initial calibration with the sled with no issues as far as I can tell. Then followed the steps to do a Z axis calibration using .250" material. Went to trace mode with a .5" diameter radius. Entered .250" in the Z Clearance. Saved the the G-code zero’d out the machine in the middle of work area and started the machine. The stylus starts the radius program by plunging the Z… but it will not stop until it maxes out well below the work surface. I stop it before maxing out. I reset to default and re-calibrated 3 times… same result. What am I doing wrong or do I have a defective machine?

@drewjbx How are you going below the work surface?? The stylus (or torch) has to contact the work surface before it can return to pierce height. You can’t start over air…
Welcome to the club. Plenty of stuff to figure out but it is all worthwhile!


The ArcDroid probes the material before every cut and senses the surface by detecting slack in the cable with a switch at the base of the cable on the machine side.

So there are various reasons it may not probe.

1: As mentioned above…nothing to hit

2: Something impeeding the Z cable (never zip tie or otherwise attach anything to the cable)

3: Something impeeding the switch, add some slack to the cable manually and lift the little flap that looks like a toilet seat and make sure it’s clear under there no debris or anything.

Lastly it is possible you have a failed switch ? If none of the above solves your troubles give us a call and we’ll set you up

For the record, calibration has nothing to do with the Z axis. It’s strictly an x/Y thing?


Same problem, torch, probe went down max below steel plate, and will not go up

@Hindriks Thanks for the emails glad we go you sorted out!

@Andrew What was the gist of the solution for Hindriks problem?

Pretty simple, over ran the end stop on the Z and wedged the drive screw a bit… 1/4 turn by hand it’s working again

In fact I had to screw down to bottom. Started to screw it a bit but no result.