400,000 holes! Beat on ArcDroid!

So what happens if you use your ArcDroid 8-10 hours a day 6 days a week for 4 months? Blowing holes all day every day!
This one came back to us from an industrial customer in South Carolina.
Turns out it just needed a good cleaning and a new fuse!


That’s very impresive, considering the ArcDroid is only rated for hobby/light industrial! I’m waiting on mine to arrive. Can’t wait!

Actually this a weird misconception, we have never stated that the ArcDroid is “rated” for any particular usage. People just make assumptions and draw their own conclusions

I can however say that ArcDroid was designed to meet ANSI/RIA R15.06:2012, NFPA 79:2021 standards for industrial equipment.


Sorry, if my reply is misleading…With all the research I’ve done, I swear I read it somewhere (obviously as corrected not straight from ArcDroid). Is that a safety and electrical standard?

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Designing to an industry wide standard was an intelligent choice. Thanks Andrew

Now that is a cool story to share more info about. Anything to support the durability of this machine is warranted since it is still so new to the market.

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Good lord !
Impressive to see your machine being tortured and still working !!

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It says in the FAQ under “Why didn’t you make it bigger”, something like to cover 98% of cuts for home use. Perhaps that’s where the misconception comes from. Might be worth adjusting that wording as this sort of longevity is beyond home use! Very impressive.

Is that 2 amp glass fuse ? I actually stock those for our Thymatron machines we sell lol yes!!!

Just wanted to stop in and say that I just bought this machine for the company and its still working like new. solid built machine with great tech support! The owner of the company I bought it from told me the story on it and how impressed he was. I’m really excited to have one now. I looked at getting an arcdroid a while back but decided to go with a 5x10 table for the shop. I bought this to so I can take it in the field with me.

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Thanks Matt! Appreciate the appreciation!
And it’s nice to know these machines are putting up with all the abuse!