Altering lead ins

I’m very new here so please go easy, I searched about this but the answer didn’t quite help.
in simple trace I wanted to make a bolt flange. I created the two circles and the bolt pattern but one lead in was the wrong side, I switched them and then all but one was the wrong side. Is it possible in simple trace to switch just one lead in? Thanks

yes - open the simple trace then using your finger touch the hole (or any part) that need editing. It will highlight and you can edit just that part. Search youtube for tips and tricks videos showing some of these basic operations

Thanks, I will give it a try. I have watched just about every YouTube video on this subject that I can find and haven’t come across this one yet!

Matt, tried that and it doesn’t work, the part doesn’t highlight. i think my touchscreen isn’t sensitive enough. I tried calibrating it but not sure if you need to touch hard or soft to alter it. It takes a lot to get results with my finger and i’ve seen people use gloves!

Gary… Its a resistive screen not a touch screen so that you can use gloves. If your fingers aren’t getting the job done just use a pencil eraser end to push hard where you need too or the end a retracted ball point pen. Though like all screens you don’t want to use something that would scratch it if you find something just hard enough.

I bought a pack of ten stylus on Amazon for a couple bucks works great win you lose one grab a new one

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