And so another begins

Starting an aluminum drag bike. It is a little rough cutting aluminum but I am starting to get the right settings for it.

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looks great, I love aluminum fab/welding…A router with a radius bit takes parts to another level…just a fyi if you didn’t know


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@mtw1 that’s good to know thanks for the tip

I agree with @mtw1. Just gotta move slow. I was once told that using helium instead of air will help foster a smoother cut. Same thing with TIG-ing thick aluminum (>=1/2). I never tried it on plasma cutting, but it does help with TIG welding. Helium will ionize faster than Air/Argon. As a result the heat is focused on and punched into your workpiece much quicker than the usual gasses. Trade off is He is $$. Anyway, good luck & keep cutting!

Thats good to know thank you for the tip. Also i had to go faster I was to slow on my first 2 cuts

I am not sure but in the past when hand cutting aluminum it always was messy and I figure when it comes to table plasma cutting it will take more dialing in than steel just because of how porous aluminum can be and also might vary from one type of aluminum to another as well.