Arcdroid Hardware questions

I am awaiting my machine but want to study the github code. this lead to me to 2 hardware questions.

  1. the ethernet cable between the controller and robot base is that using Eth OR is it just hacked cabled to make for easy setup? I ask because i am wondering if a PC can be injected into the process by simulating the controller?
  2. i see there was a usb B connector what is that for?

thank you for any insight.

@Middyeasy welcome to the forum!
Don’t know what the cable spec is. Hope it is something common as I’d like one that is a bit longer myself.
The USB connector is for a memory stick.

Thank you for the welcome. and thank you for the answers… sorry I wasn’t very clear. In some of the videos i see a USB-B cable on the base ( think printer usb end) and this is what i was wondering what it was for?

Ah, on the base…. There are two other ports on the base. No idea on what they are for. The two that are used are for the control panel and stylus.
Maybe Andrew will chime in. @Andrew

@Middyeasy Welcome! You are going to have a blast with your machine. Not sure either about the USB B port. But also wanted to point out that there is a micro SD port in the mix too. The SD is used for the occasional firmware update which is available on the website.