ArcDroid in a vertical position

Can the Arcdroid be used in a vertical position (i.e. arm moves up and down).
Are the drive motors strong enough?
Does it maintain its closed loop capabilities?

I’ve thought about this myself…. There are a few issues. Mostly, when the arm is not being driven by a program the servos are off. Vertical means the arm would drop. If you limited the working area it would not be difficult to counterbalance the arm segments so there wouldn’t be any really significant additional drive loads. The Z axis is using gravity for downward moves (and a spring) so that is an issue. A slightly stouter spring may help that. I’ve installed four electromagnetic feet on my Droid’s base that are more than adequate to hold the Droid vertically on a steel plate. Someday I may give vertical operation a shot. I have a project where it would be handy……

oooh. I want to see :grinning:

@Jim I can show you the mag feet setup. Pretty slick for working about big sheets set on sawhorses. 35lb pull on each, 12vdc about 1/3Amp each. Laptop PS with switchbox and indicator light. Can still use the original mounting holes on the dedicated plasma table with the mag feet in place