Arcdroid stops after first cut

Hello from Austria!
I own the arcdroid for about 2 weeks and it worked well until now. I have a thermal dynamics cutmaster 101 attached.
The problem: it cuts for example the first hole at the end of that hole the nozzle stays down a bit longer as usual it moves up slowly an to the startling point of the next hole then it freezes, the arm can not be moved until I switch arcdroid off and on again. I don’t think the cutmaster is a HF machine since the smaller ones aren’t and I had no problem until today. Yesterday I updated arcdroid (both firmware and simple trace) and it still worked
Am I wrong and the cutmaster 101 is HF? Or what can cause this problem?
Thanks for your help

Is it possible you have the “off delay” set really long?
Can you share your Tune settings? And perhaps a video of the behavior ?


If i do a dry run without torch on it works

I downgraded the firmware and now it works