Aspire PP file giving error in Aspire software

Aspire pops up an error -

Unknown variable name
On line 59 of file

Kinda of strange… the line is commented out, anyone know how to fix this?

I had to comment it out as well. But can’t get it to run. Keeps stopping with G2/G3 bad parameters. Did you get that as well?

Ha, I managed to get Arcdroid to accept my Vectric files now without errors. I used Vectric to curve fit vectors using acs, and now I get no more errors, and the file is a lot smaller as well. BUT, all my lead-ins are on the wrong side, on the side of the material I want to keep. When I preview the g-code file in Vectric, or GWizard, the lead-ins show on the correct side, but when I zoom in on the Arcdroid they are on the wrong side. Anyone have any idea why this would be happening?

Sounds like you guys may be using a g-code editor, and writing your oun code?

I’m sorry I can’t provide any insight to your questions/issues, just curious as to what kind of applications you are using.
Thanks, Bob :+1:

Hi Bob, I can’t speak for Drew, but I was using Vectric V-carve pro to generate the g-code, as well as Fusion 360. When you try to load the post processor into Vectric it comes up with the error Drew mentioned. I commented out the REVISION line, line 59,and then it loaded. But I found that after generating the g-code in Vectric, with all the lead-ins on the side I wanted them, Arcdroid had changed the orientation of the lead-ins to the opposite of what I wanted, i.e. it had put them in the material I wanted to keep, not the waste. I found I could go into the Trace and select each toolpath and change the lead-in, BUT not the last toolpath. I just could not select it, no matter how hard I tried. This leads me to another question: when you import g-code into Arcdroid, do you set the kerf to 0.0? I have a feeling you should, but stand corrected if I’m wrong. As far as previewing the g-code, I use CNC Cookbooks GWizard-Editor, but Vectric also gives you a preview of location of the toolpaths. They both showed the lead-ins in the correct (wanted) position.

I think I’ve nailed it now using Fusion 360. Just have to get used to the weird way they use to determine heights! Still don’t know why Vectric files seem to give me problems. I’ll keep using Fusion.