Post Processor For Vectric Aspire

I have a cnc router and Use Aspire to program it daily. I was wondering if there is a post Processor for Aspire For the Arcdroid or maybe one in the future?


That has been mentioned before (same for Vcarve) and it is on the “List O stuff” however we have no gotten to it yet

I’ll see if I can’t bump it up the list a smidge


Thank you very much. So far I’m loving the machine.

Good post!
I’m in the same boat. I have the full Aspire program too, and will be keeping an eye out on this post.

The Post Proc. for VCARVE works in Aspire but the Vetric’s CAM side of things is not really optimized for plasma. I have had success with the Gcode from Aspire but find SheetCam much easier and it works better IMHO

I too am looking for aPP for Aspire. I attempted the “torchmate PP” with no joy.