Using Aspire for Plasma Cutting

Hi, I just got my ArcDroid… I am a beginner with plasma but do have a little experience with my 4x8 CNC Table using Aspire for basic profile cutting of wood panels, cabinetry, etc. I have read people have been using Aspire/Vectric on Plasma CNC’s. I did download the the personal version of Fusion360 and it seems to have a very high learning curve and a bit of overkill for simple profile cutting. I am pretty familiar with Aspire software, it is simple and straight forward and you can simply save your toolpath and export the G-code.
Is there a simple plugin for plasma post processing for Aspire? I am not familiar with feed rates and how to set plunging, lead-in, and lead-outs for a plasma torch. Or maybe someone can share their process on how to do this?